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laber law

About this course

This course will provide General knowledge about the basic labor laws which can be used for fresh graduates who will start their careers to know their rights as an employee and for people who would start a business shall know the basic rights and duties of Employers.

Learning Outcomes
  • Students will learn to research the law, analyze issues, and matters involving the rights and duties of employers, employees, and labor unions on other workplace issues, such as affirmative action policies, issues concerning wages and work hours, preparation of employee handbooks, employee policies, covenants not to compete, employee terminations and severance arrangements by discussion and assignments.
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Total Exercises

6 lessons

Course duration

10 hours

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Applied Labor Law
20,000 MMKs

fair trial

About this course

This course will cover the internationally practiced Fair Trial Principles and Rights of an accused person and at the same time, will improve the legal writing and critical thinking through cask works and discussion.

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Fair Trial Principles


About this course

In this course, students will have the opportunity to explore the United Nations and its mechanism and will know about the United Nations’ organizations such as United Nations Human Right Council, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court and whats is the difference between ICJ and ICC.

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Introduction to United Nations and Its Mechanisms