About this course

In the "Introduction to Basic Frame Loom Weaving" course, learners embark on a creative journey exploring the art of weaving using a frame loom. Starting with a rich historical context, participants delve into the importance of weaving across different cultures and gain an understanding of various loom types. The course provides comprehensive insights into frame loom weaving techniques. Participants develop the skills needed to create beautiful woven pieces. This course is designed for beginners, requiring no prior experience, and serves as a gateway to the world of frame loom weaving.

Learning Outcomes
    From understanding the history of weaving to mastering the intricacies of frame loom assembly, learners will delve into yarn selection, essential tools, and various weaving techniques. The course covers creating patterns, exploring color theory, and adding texture to woven pieces. Hands-on projects such as coasters, wall hangings, and small mats provide practical application, while troubleshooting and finishing modules ensure a thorough grasp of the craft. Additionally, learners will be introduced to advanced weaving techniques and materials, fostering a holistic appreciation for frame loom weaving.
Total Modules
  • Module 1: Introduction to weaving
  • Module 2: Understanding the Frame Loom
  • Module 3: Yarns and Tools
  • Module 4: Basic Weaving Techniques
  • Module 5: Creating Patterns and Design
  • Module 6: Hands on project
  • Module 7: Troubleshooting and Finishing
  • Module 8: FAQ
  • Module 9: Beyond The Basics

Total Exercises

9 lessons

Course duration

4 hrs

Course Type


table loon
Basic Frame Loom Weaving