About this course

Learning this course aims the students to be able:

  • To understand what linguistics is, what and how it studies
  • To build the basic knowledge of the origin of language, its structure and functioning in the society, correlation of lingual and mental processes, interdependence of language and culture, etc
  • To familiarize the terms, universal properties of human language and language diversity

Learning Outcomes
    On the completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • demonstrate clear understanding of what linguistics is, what and how it studies
  • identify the basic units of language, sounds and symbols, as well as the terms, e.g; phone, phoneme, morpheme, allophone etc
  • identify the acceptable structure of basic units of language and classify/divide the constituents of a particular larger unit, such as, clause/sentence, as well as construct the acceptable structure of a particular unit
  • show awareness of diverse reference/ meanings of a particular unit of language
Total Modules
  • 14

Course duration

14 weeks

Course Type