About this course

This course will provide the students how to construct the effective research proposals that will serve as the launching point for the paper. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn how to write research reports, research paper and content of research in English at both undergraduate and post graduate level. This course helps the students who find their writing research paper is very challenging. In the course, the students will learn how the research is conducted and gain skill in research design and information consumption.

Learning Outcomes
    After the course, the students will be able to
  • identify major research methodologies, including their pros and cons and the research questions for which they are best suited
  • design original and utilizable vocabulary learning activities for students at different language proficiency levels
  • reflect on the ethical considerations inherent in research with human participants
  • demonstrate competence in scientific writing, culminating in an apa-style research proposal (including an empirical literature review, a proposed design and analysis strategy, and appropriate citations
Total Modules
  • 14

Course duration

14 weeks

Course Type


Research Methodology