About this course

This course involves teaching grammar, vocabulary, discourse, and pronunciation. Teaching grammar helps students improve their grammar output and build confidence and provide the positive effect of contextual grammar teaching on students' writing. Teaching vocabulary deals with vocabulary learning goals and how words are learned by EFL learners. It also consists of teaching word parts and word chunks, and then, how to test vocabulary and how to help students become good vocabulary learners will be discussed. Teaching discourse helps students analyze lexical, grammatical, and organizational features of language in different contexts. Regarding teaching pronunciation, it focuses on knowing the importance of correct pronunciation in English, which is linguistic intelligence in communication. This course will contribute to learners' teaching skills through the application of professional excellence and innovative teaching methods.

Learning Outcomes
    After the course, the students will be able to
  • be aware of applying grammar rules to construct sentences for meaningful purposes in specific contexts
  • apply the scientific method to critique existing research and develop an original hypothesis and study design
  • develop an understanding of the concept of discourse and types of discourse (spoken and written)
  • realize how the cultural, situational, and textual contexts influence discourse construction
  • understand that pronunciation is not about removing their accent, but about making their English sounds clear and distinct, as well as realize that intelligibility and communicative efficiency are the realistic goals compared to a “native-like” accent
Total Modules
  • 14

Course duration

14 weeks

Course Type


How to Teach Systems
How to Teach Systems