About this course

Students who are interested in learning more about technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) and how it relates to different learning theories should take this course. The aim of this course is to prepare the students to be able to integrate technology into their English language teaching in order to promote active learning environments and provide them with useful technological resources. This course encourages the students to create a lesson and/or some materials for English language teaching using digital technology, as well as to present rationale behind creating the lesson and materials.

Learning Outcomes
    Learning this course aims the students to be able to
  • learn learning theories and their relationship with technology
  • recognize technological resources and tools useful for English language learning and teaching
  • develop their knowledge of how to choose and evaluate technology-based materials and tools to apply in English language learning and teaching
Total Modules
  • 14

Course duration

126 Hours

Course Type


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Technology Enhanced Language Learning