About this course

This course offers an introduction to the study of the phonetics and phonology of human language, and especially those of English. It starts with a general overview of the basic concepts of articulatory phonetics, and how the sounds are produced in English sound system. The course also deals with the description of phonemes and symbols, and then, syllables, stress, intonation, and aspects of connected speech will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes
    At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • recognize the mechanism of the production of English phonemes
  • pronounce English phonemes clearly through exercises and class discussions
  • reflect on problems with their pronunciation that affect clarity
  • detect many commonly mispronounced words and correct them
  • apply their knowledge of English phonetics and phonology to improve their English pronunciation skills
Total Modules
  • 8

Course duration

108 Hours

Course Type


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