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About this course

This course provides an overview of public policy and its application in the context of Myanmar. Students will explore the fundamental concepts of public policy, including the policymaking process, and policy analysis.. Emphasis will be given to the contextualization of public policy within the real-world policy making process in Myanmar. Throughout the course, students will critically analyze current policy issues and debates in Myanmar, such as economic development, and social and environmental changes.

Learning Outcomes
    On completing the course, students will be able to:
  • gain an understanding into the conceptualization to practical applications of public policy
  • be familiar with contextual and practical oriented approaches, especially the nature of policy making in Myanmar.
Total Modules
  • Public policy concepts
  • Understanding public policy making and policy change
  • Understanding policy making process
  • Policy Analysis, advocacy and Communication
  • Public policy making, and policy change in Myanmar
  • Policy seminar on Myanmar in the making

Total Exercises

11 lessons

Course duration

40 hours

Course Type


Introduction to Public Policy