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About this course

New and emerging researchers can enhance their skills in understanding, using and producing evidence in support of their research work. This course offers exercises in strengthening foundations for research capacity including effective communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. Research lifecycle across disciplines and research domains: the planning, the active research and dissemination & preservation. Theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and methods in conducting research. Research strategy including writing to avoid plagiarism and how to develop a postgraduate-level research project.

Learning Outcomes
    On completing the course, students will be able to:
  • Understand the meaning and significance of research capacity, research ethics and researcher’s environment.
  • Develop effective communication, critical thinking and analytical skills as foundation skills for higher education and advocacy. Articulate and debate the issue(s) of interest.
  • Discuss theoretical perspectives, methodologies, and methods to use in conducting research and decide which techniques to use to analyze data.
Total Modules
  • Understanding Research Capacity and Research Ethics
  • Develop Research Foundational Skills 1: Critical Thinking
  • Develop Research Foundational Skills 2: Analytical Skill
  • Develop Research Foundational Skills 3: Debate and Effective Communication
  • Fundamentals of Research

Total Exercises

11 lessons

Course duration

40 hours

Course Type


Building Research Capacity