About this course

Debate culture is well developed in democratic countries as it cultivates the critical thinking, rhetoric skill and other necessary skills required for the development of democracy. In other words, it features the freedom of expression, the right which is well cherished in democratic countries. In Myanmar, the debate culture is not widespread and intentionally ignored. School of Federalism and Peace studies would like to fill the gap and intends to nurture the potential debaters who are knowledgeable in democracy, federalism and other political arenas. This program is intended to provide the technical knowledge and practical experience to both current and alumni of SFPS, since the students have mandatory activities of learning the academic theories through debate. Additionally, the school expects to have the regular debate club and its activities in the post-training period.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the basic concept and skills of debate.
  • Understand group civic knowledge, civic skills and civic value via debate 
  • Understand the historical change and its effect on society and nations via Debate and dialogue  
  • Understand the academic approaches of debate and understand how to apply in the positive change in the society as citizens.  
  • Understand the foundation of British Parliamentary debate and apply directly into debate tournaments.

Total Modules
  • Introduction to British Parliamentary Debate, Argument, Refutation, Rebuttal, Extensionm
  • British Parliamentary Format, Parliamentary points
  • Motion Analysis
  • Debate Skills, Logical fallacies

Total Exercises

6 lessons

Course duration

175 minutes

Course Type


British Parliamentary Debate Training
British Parliamentary Debate Training